(806) 344-6416 cell

I keep my web site up to date and sale first come first served therefore I keep no waiting list and take no deposits until puppies are born and posted to my web page

I'm reasonable in price and the price is found on my puppy page . I post due dates of exspecting mothers and ask that you watch my site for the birth.

​Deposits are required to hold a puppy if you back out for any reason, deposit is forfeited, Deposits are non transferable

My puppies are genetically sound and are guaranteed to be so with a puppy back guarantee , No cash refunds I do not pay vet bills

Cowtown Poodles

I am able to ship out of Amarillo Texas now ,but I still offer free delivery in Texas . New Mexico,and Oklahoma and meet people also.

​I raise healthy poodles with a genetic health guarantee in a clean environment and in the safety of my home.