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​I have learned to love the poodle breed . I owned my first poodle over 40 years ago ,I learned (self Taught ) grooming early on and have taught other , also  Ive always had poodles ever since, and have used them my self for hunting, herding , and also as my personal service animal . I'm proud to say that I have my dogs in every field with great success as service dogs diabetic alert dogs search and rescue, obedience and of coarse the cherished member of the family that needs no other title . . and I have donated to make a wish where they have made a real difference not only to terminally ill patients but to there children to bring a little happiness were there might not of been much .  I raise a layed back personality dog and invite and encourage inquiry, to help you find what you are looking for  

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Cowtown Poodles

Cowtown Poodles and Cowtown English Bulldogs

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​Welcome to Cowtown Poodles  . I would like to say first off , we are located in McLean, Texas . and originated in Hereford Texas not in Fort Worth. our name came from being in the beef capital of the world . unlike Fort Worth .local Hereford feed yards feeds out over 3 million head of cattle a year. I  Move to McLean Texas and now I call it home which , it to is just a little Cowtown made up of local ranchers and farmers . McLean is a very small town on the scenic view of  old Route 66 .